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Miramichi Fishing Report for September 29, 2011

As we close September and open October, we have moved into the “Cast ‘n Blast “season as Bird season opened October 1. On the down side, this is the last month for angling this season.

Now for a bit more on the good-bad line that characterizes many jokes. The good news is that there are great numbers of fish in the system. The bad: They don’t want to take a fly.

The counting fences are reporting a somewhat quiet group of numbers. The Northwest trapnet at Cassilis is averaging less than six fish daily, while Millerton on the Main Southwest Miramichi has had a pendulum swing to it this past week. Last Wednesday to Friday it had an average of 20 grilse and seven salmon. On Sunday it had a total of four grilse, and continues to Wednesday with less than 10 totals.

These results fuel the questions on most anglers’ minds: Where is the Fall Run, or has it already come? Mark Hambrook who manages the MSA hatchery in Miramichi offered an overview that is worth considering. He noted that last year there was a change in terms of the Fall Run. Normally, the Fall Run would arrive as its name suggests, in the Fall. This would include 60-75% of the big spawners.

Last year (and now this is shaping up to look the same) the Fall run came early. About 2/3 to ¾ of the run came earlier in the season. Last year was a dry season. This year has been a wet one with lots of high water and no Fall Run yet, although over all numbers have been great. Does that mean that the run has already come in? The only plausible answer is the fish know best and we will have to wait to see what finally happens and as to whether this earlier arrival will be the trend of the future. Anyway, this is something to chew the fat on.

Hambrook and staff are into full brood stock collection and he’s noted that there are very good numbers of fish in the system, but not many new fish. He also noted that work at whittling down the numbers of Large-mouthed Bass in Miramichi Lake is continuing. As well, he said that are some Stripped Bass starting into the system where they will spend the winter. Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for September 22, 2011

Angling has been moderate to good along the system. The upper stretches of the Main Southwest received more rain than the lower stretches and wiped out fishing around Doaktown area this past weekend. Gradually, rivers are dropping and angling is returning to normal.

The trapnet at Cassilis is still averaging only one or two grilse a day and maybe one salmon, but the Millerton trapnet has shown an improvement during the past week. There has been a bump in numbers, but no bumper crop of a fall run yet. Monday saw Millerton produce 15 grilse and two salmon while Tuesday it had nine grilse and two salmon. Overall this past week there has been an average of 10 grilse and five salmon daily, so numbers are improving.

Today is the start of the annual three-day “Swamp-Donkey” hunt, otherwise known as “Moose Season” in New Brunswick, so if you are out and about, particularly off the beaten tracks, be a little careful and wear some “Hunter Orange”, and don’t fish too many flies tied with moose-hair or an eagle-eye shot might just pick off that special fly.

Mike Sproul of Blackville caught a 34 ½ inch male salmon on the Cains, but the unusual part was that the salmon had a tooth sticking out of each side of its mouth. Mike said it looked like something pre-historic. He took a picture, but unfortunately, in trying to clear some space on the camera card for some underwater shots, the picture was inadvertently deleted. Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for September 15, 2011

Generally, there are fish through out the system, but not necessarily in great numbers, and only a few fresh ones as there has not been a big fall run as of yet. Getting the fish to take is also another problem, but those who are putting in the time, are having limited success. Water levels are dropping, but generally still on the high side.

The Cassilis trapnet was averaging only a couple of fish a day while Millerton was also getting a few each day, but no significant numbers. Hatchery manager Mark Hambrook said they had started collecting brood stock on Tuesday with their first stop being the Cains River. He said there were good numbers of fish in the Cains at present. Every year about this time they also begin to take out a number of beaverdams to allow fish to get to more of their spawning grounds. This year, most of the work will focus on the Cains. The MSA is also doing their fall electro-fishing to determine juvenile populations of fry along various parts of the system in general. Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for September 8, 2011

This will be another week of very high water, in some cases higher than it was in spring. However, it should bring in the fall runs of both salmon and grilse. All else aside, it is very positive for the fish, even if catching for anglers is a bit more difficult.

The trapnet at Cassilis was recording only a couple of fish per day earlier this week, while the Millerton net was averaging 5 to 6 grilse and 2 to 3 salmon daily. Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for September 1, 2011

Here we are in September, and there certainly is no shortage of water. Hurricane Irene drenched us pretty well, leaving all rivers very high, and in some cases dangerously high, and dirty. The best guess by most who report on the river is that maybe by the weekend, most rivers will be fishable high.

Both the trapnets at Cassilis and Millerton had very low numbers last week. They were taken up on Sunday before the storm and probably will be fishing again by Tuesday past. Continue Reading


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