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Miramichi’s Fishing Report for Thursday, May 31, 2012

By Doug Underhill MIRAMICHI– It was a generally quiet week across the Miramichi system, with the exception of sea trout arriving in the juniper area.   Rain this week will bring the rivers up a bit, and it was needed on the Northwest, and several other tributaries.  With the full-moon tides this week, there should be… Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for May 24, 2012

MIRAMICHI – There’s a great run on…..of Black Flies and Mosquitoes. That’s the bad news. Now for the good. The “bright season” is beginning to unfold. There are decent numbers of fresh sea trout and a smattering of bright salmon in the Miramichi system. Rain over Tuesday evening /Wednesday will freshen the rivers. W. W.… Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for May 17, 2012

MIRAMICHI – With the rivers, streams, brooks, ponds and lakes now open, she’s full-tilt once the brights start to enter the system. Already there are reports of a few bright trout on the Northwest and Little Southwest Miramichi Rivers, but generally, angling has reached “in between seasons”.

W. W. Doak and Sons in Doaktown said the water was a bit high and cool, and more rain was expected earlier this week. The river was not quite wade-able, and the pools weren’t identifiable. Angling was generally slow as the spring salmon season was ending and the bright sea trout and salmon had not arrived yet. They felt that realistically, it was still a bit early for bright fish, but they expected sea trout by the end of this week or next. There were also a few fiddleheads being reported, but they should be in full swing next week. Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for May 10, 2012

Special Note: Doug will be at Chapters Books Store in Fredericton this Saturday, May 12, from noon until 2 p.m. to sign copies of Salmon Country and his other works. Drop by to chat or to get your copy signed.

Miramichi – We are now approaching the “in-between” season as the last of spring salmon is winding down, and the brights haven’t yet arrived. There are some reports of trout, although most say they are black trout. There are hordes of smelt in some areas and lots of bass to contend with.

W. W. Doak and Sons in Doaktown said spring salmon angling was quietly winding down, but there were still salmon and grilse around, with some reported in the Boiestown area last weekend. However, they are tougher to catch. There have been reports of some black trout. Water conditions were good.

Flies of choice were Muddlers, and Mickey Finn and Black Ghost streamer patterns for trout. Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for May 3, 2012

MIRAMICHI – We turn the page to another month in our fishing calendar, and with May comes many expectations. There are still decent numbers of spring salmon around, trout season for rivers and streams has opened and lakes will be open May 15. There are fiddleheads to be picked, and the bright salmon should be starting up some rivers by mid to late May. So get your outdoor chores done so you can be ready when the opportunity presents itself. Continue Reading