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Miramichi Fishing Report for October 27, 2011

With only the Bartibog and Tabusintac Rivers open for two more days, there has not been a lot of angling activity.

When angling over for another year, most anglers simply chuck their equipment out in the garage or in the basement where it remains until next season. Wise anglers will take a few minutes to examine their equipment and properly prepare it for winter storage. This ensures a better start next year because the gear will be in top shape for another season.

First look at your waders unless you still plan to use them for some duck hunting. When you have finished with them, they should be thoroughly dried and stored in a cool dry place. Avoid the furnace room as high heat may cause cracks, producing an unpleasant surprise next spring. Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for October 20, 2011

For the most part, another angling season is in the books. Generally speaking, the last week of angling was tough fishing for most. One exception was the Northwest Miramichi which, according to Syd Matchett, continued to fish well until the last day when the rain came.

George Routledge said that the Quarryville and Blackville areas were very quiet with only the odd fish being caught. That is not to say that anglers were not catching. As always, there were places that fished well into the final day.

That aside, the 2011 season has to go down as one of the best years in a long, long time. Catches were excellent and water conditions were almost perfect for the fish through out the season. Even those who did not have great luck, had the opportunity to see a lot of fish. There were also very good reports of big salmon being seen through out the season. Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for October 13, 2011

As the season enters the final few days, there are good numbers of fish in the system. Generally, the catching has been difficult in most places, but there are some exceptions, and water conditions have been good.

With the season closing for the majority of rivers by Saturday’s end, there are only a few which remain open until October 29. These are the Bartibog, Burnt Church and Tabusintac Rivers. Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for October 6, 2011

As we move into the final weeks of the season for most rivers, there are positives and negatives. On the plus side, there are very good numbers of fish being report across the system, although not many fresh ones. The negative is that in some places they are not taking well and are hard to hook. The water is also high in some places.

The counting fences at both Cassilis and Millerton are both reporting very few fresh fish each day, and some days none. Yet, anglers are catching some darker fish with sea-lice.

MSA Hatchery Manager Mark Hambrook said the hatchery staff will be starting the hatchery spawning process next week. They will be doing this on alternate days and only in the mornings. If anyone is interested in observing the process, please contact the hatchery at (506)622-1781. There is no admission fee. Continue Reading