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Miramichi Fishing Report for April 26, 2012

As we head into the second week of the season, there is no shortage of water. Foul weather (or should I say ‘FOWL weather, as most say it’s great weather for ducks when it’s raining) certainly has brought the rivers up and in many cases, even over their banks. But that aside, the rain was needed, not only for the rivers, but for wells and fire-prevention. Bottom line is it certainly gave the rivers a good cleaning as I saw a lot of debris floating by on Wednesday. So generally speaking, today or by the weekend the water should clear and anglers will be back in numbers if we don’t get any more precipitation.

The printed angling regulations are now available, so check where ever you bought your license, or drop into a DNR office.

Trout season for the Miramichi drainage begins on rivers, brooks and streams on Tuesday, May 1, 2012, while lakes do not open until May 15. Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for April 19, 2012

MIRAMICHI – We are off and casting. From all accounts Opening Day last Sunday was terrific for most anglers with very good numbers of fish being hooked on all branches of the Miramichi system. It was not unusual for a good number of anglers to limit out.

Some missed excellent fishing by cancelling reservations on rumours of the water being too low and that the fish would have left. The water was low for the time of year, but still produced excellent angling. Always check with the people who are actually on the river for the most accurate reports.

Even though water levels were low for the time of year, boats made their way to the water, and a couple of warm days increased the snow-melt, bringing up water levels by a foot on average. A bit unusual was the fact that made anglers noted that the salmon were creating a lot of surface action by were swirling and splashing, which is usually only the case after the smelts have come in. Some anglers even had luck using big dry flies.

In Quarryville one almost had to take a number to get a parking space with anglers out in great numbers on both sides. I did manage to fish for about an hour, hooking two, landing a grilse and killing five mosquitoes!

One angler in a boat said that there were so many bass in the river they were bumping his boat, and a lot were being hooked and released as anglers were pursuing black salmon. Continue Reading

Miramichi Fishing Report for April 13, 2012

“The mark of a successful man is one that has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it.” Anonymous

MIRAMICHI- Opening Day is virtually upon us and the desire to get back on the river is running high. However, Sunday’s opening could present a few problems. It is no secret that the ice has long gone from the rivers, but the shores are another thing. In fact, getting to the water could be a problem for both shore anglers and those who plan on fishing from a boat.

Combined with this is the low water for the time of year which can also making boating a hit or miss situation, maybe even literally.

Taking a look at Quarryville on the Main Southwest Miramichi, anglers will have a problem getting their boats to water. Shore anglers may also have a problem as the ice-run several weeks ago has left a sheer cliff of ice along both banks above and below the bridge. George Routledge said there were “piles of ice on both sides six to 10 feet in height. Anglers will have to clear a spot to get their boats through, so they may need an axes and shovels”. One possible spot is below the bridge where the ice took out three hydro poles. To repair them, the hydro had to clear a path almost to the river. George said that a good number of camps in the area suffered damage. Continue Reading