River Poems

River Poems

River Poems is Doug Underhill's 11th book and his third collection of poems. River Poems unveil sheer joy and serenity of nature that nourishes our human spirit and produces tranquility and repose.

In the Introduction to River Poems David Adams Richards writes:

“He can write deftly about things as seemingly simple as fiddleheads or pine cones, and as monumental as great blocks of stone torn away from a mountain’s side, thousands of years before, struck and seared by lightning a huge millennium ago. And he can make us see how both are important to us.”

“There is much in this collection that shows us what people are and can be. Underhill writes of old men, and wives, children and grandfathers with humour and compassion. All reflected within the light of winter and spring, and fall again. His greatest poems achieve this sense of communion between we as a people, and the seasons we live in and for.”


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